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We’re Pico's Pack dog rescue - a volunteer partnership between Serbia and the U.K. working to care for the abandoned and abused street dogs of Belgrade. 

We have a small team based in Belgrade at our Pico's Pack Sanctuary, where we care for around 130 dogs and puppies, many of whom have been rescued from horrific abuse and neglect.​  We provide food, vet care and support to these poor souls with the ultimate aim of re-homing as many of them as we possibly can.

​In the U.K. we have a team of volunteers working to raise funds on an ongoing basis, as well as liaising with potential adopters across the country. We also work with a number of volunteers globally to assist us with fundraising.


Though we aim to re-home as many of the saved dogs as we can, some unfortunately will never be suitable to make that journey. That is why your donations are so vitally important - so these dogs in particular can be looked after until they reach their Rainbow Bridge.

If you think you can offer a loving home to one of our dogs please visit the Adoptions page for more details. If you’re interested in fundraising or getting involved with Pico's Pack in any way at all, please Contact Us.


*Warning: this footage contains scenes that some viewers may find distressing*


Within Serbia and the Balkan countries, for complex social and cultural reasons following the civil war in the 1990s, it is very difficult to find people within Serbia to adopt the dogs we rescue or to support our work with donations to cover the costs associated with rescue, recovery and rehabilitation (such as veterinarians, kennelling, transport, sterilisations, etc.).

The slaughter, torture and abuse of homeless street dogs amounts to scores of thousands a year, not to mention the thousands losing their lives in Kill Shelters. 

The need to rescue dogs in Belgrade is constant.  Sadly many dogs remain on the streets, beyond our capacities to rescue them.  During Serbia’s very hot summers and freezing winters they have no adequate protection from the elements which lead to the more vulnerable dogs perishing.

Our work is only just beginning to save the most vulnerable animals where we can given our modest and limited resources - but every dog rescued and re-homed is a success.  We provide love for the unloved.

You can of course choose to save a dog in the U.K. There are many dogs and puppies in need in our own country, but sadly the dogs in Serbia do not stand a chance. They are routinely tortured when caught or live a life of begging, fear and slow starvation on the streets.

We need to keep working hard to save these precious souls - to give them a life full of love until they are fully protected in their home society.

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