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Debs Mercer, Glasgow

Adopted: Hope

"I adopted Hope from Pico’s in early December 2019. 


The process leading up to her arrival was straight forward and very reassuring. 


I was given lots of photos and videos of her temperament and background. 


No question was too much hassle and from the moment she was reserved until she came to me I was on daily contact. 


Hope arrived in the morning and straight away tucked into some food. She seeked out attention and settled into her bed almost immediately. 


Being well socialised and loved at Pico’s Pack, Hope went on a lead and walk within 12 hours of arrival. She was confident and curious about her new surroundings. 


Having a 6 year old little girl, Hope from day one has been respectful and gentle with her. She loves to sit and watch her play and loves to play with her own toys too. 


Hope was mostly toilet trained and with routine and structure she mastered this really quickly. Her only accidents being when she was super excited. 


She is a well balanced and affectionate little dog whom loves people and is great with other dogs and cats too. I sincerely believe this is because of her start at Pico's and how well the dogs are looked after and loved. 


I have no hesitation in recommending adopting from Pico’s. It is rewarding  and you become part of a very special doggy family!" 



Angela Gallagher, Newcastle

Adopted: Anci

"I adopted Anci in December 2017 from Pico's Pack. 

She loves her forever home and settled very well with 2 other dogs and 5 cats - she gets on well with them all and is very playful. She does funny little things like taking all my cushions off the sofa and takes them in the garden and she will greet me with a cushion when I come through the door!

In the morning she gets up and has her breakfast and then goes back upstairs - she likes getting back in to bed if it's raining! She loves her walks especially on the beach she gets so excited that she just runs all over and digs holes everywhere!  

I’d highly recommend adopting from Pico’s - it's the best decision I’ve ever made.


Anci likes to sing along with the dogs on TV!

Anci & Friend

Janine Flynn & Jude Kell, Midlothian

Adopted: Zucka

"We adopted Zucka now named ZZ at the start of lockdown and she arrived in her forever home late October 2020. We had never anticipated adopting a dog as we have an elderly cat but, ZZ was ready to hit the streets of the UK and we initially agreed to foster her and see how things went with Jeff, our cat!


The team at Pico’s Pack worked tirelessly to keep us updated on what was happening for transporting ZZ to Scotland through the Covid pandemic and even though she arrived slightly later than originally planned, it was love at first sight and there was no way we were giving up on her!


We would quite frankly argue we got the best from the pack as she is so kind natured, loving, funny and truly one of a kind! She has fit in so well, we don’t even remember what it was like to come home and not hear the wuffing and see her almost wagging herself into two. 

She definitely filled a hole that we didn’t even know was there, with her character and weird wonderful little quirks. Playful and mad, as well as cuddly and cute, for a rescue we feel we couldn’t have been luckier. She’s part of the family and the fact that she settled so quickly was definitely down to the care she had seen at Pico’s Pack. 


Anyone considering getting a dog of any age, shape or size should honestly consider Pico’s Pack - it is the smoothest transition into becoming a family member that you won’t remember what life was like without them!"



Alissa Morrison, Greenock

Adopted: Moma

"Moma joined us from Pico’s Pack in October 2020, when we first saw her picture we loved her and knew she would fit right in with us.

We were sent lots of updates, photos and videos of Moma before she arrived and were kept up to date with her journey over the Scotland.

Pico’s Pack were really supportive and helped us to prepare for her arrival.

Moma is a loving, gentle and friendly dog. She likes to make herself at home and loves nothing more than cuddles on the sofa. She is well socialised and enjoys being around other dogs. Moma has clearly been loved and cared for in her early life and is very affectionate.

Moma loves going to the beach and exploring, she has lots of doggy friends on her usual walking route and knows which owners give the best treats too!

Adopting Moma from Pico’s Pack was the best decision we’ve made and she is a very special part of our family.

IMG_6493 3.JPG
IMG_6494 3.JPG

Stella McBride, Edinburgh

Adopted: Ferdi

"I adopted Ferdi - a wonderful, friendly, happy dog from Pico's Pack.


I was sent both videos and photos of my dog months in advance of his arrival to the UK. I could ask questions which were always answered promptly by Mira in Serbia who looks after the dogs, and additionally by the volunteers here who deal with all the necessary paperwork to get the dogs re-homed.


Dogs are given every medical care needed in order travel and enter the the UK. This is of the highest standard. Simply because it has to be. I am in contact with some of the other people who have re-homed Pico's dogs. There is one common thread - they all seem to be friendly, well adjusted dogs and have settled into their forever homes very quickly!


It is actually hard, in my own case, to know that  my beautiful boy has come from a pen in a rescue to a house. It's like he's always been used to a home!


I can't praise Pico's enough, from Mira who runs the rescue to the ladies on this side who do all the organising of medical work, travel plans and fundraising. They are all just wonderful.

I have no hesitation in recommeding adoptions from this fantastic organisation."


IMG_6496 2.JPG
IMG_6495 2.jpg

Claire Walker-McKenzie, Paisley

Adopted: Milo

"As soon as I saw a picture of Milo on the Pico’s Facebook page I fell in love and reserved him almost immediately. We had been looking for a dog to join our family for a few months and the lovely volunteers made the process so easy. 


We were in regular contact throughout and were sent pictures and videos of Milo whilst we were waiting for his permission to travel. I especially liked that the videos showed us his temperament; he was playing with other dogs and children and clearly enjoyed being handled. 


We adopted Milo during the Covid pandemic; this was obviously challenging but the girls at Pico’s were so supportive in the uncertain times.  We were able to have a video home visit which meant there were no unnecessary delays in bringing Milo home. 


Milo arrived 2 days before Christmas and immediately settled into our home – he very quickly claimed his space on the couch! He clearly enjoyed attention and cuddles, and I have no doubt that this was due to the care, love and socialisation he received in Serbia from Mira and her family. 


He very quickly settled into routines, the very next day he was on a lead and walking around our local park and toilet training was fairly quick and easy. 


It has been an absolute joy to watch Milo grow comfortable in his surroundings – it took a short matter of months for him to develop from a timid dog to a confident rascal! He adores walks and can run like the wind after a ball, although he loves it most when there are other dogs to play with. He has made excellent steps forward with his training and he is an absolute character who adores people – everywhere we go he has many admirers. He especially loves playing with children. His most recent adventure has been swimming in Scottish Lochs, and enjoying all the rain and mud! 


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend adopting from Pico’s to anyone and often try to encourage friends and family to adopt one of Milo’s pals. I’ve especially loved how committed the volunteers are – we hear from them regularly and they love to hear about Milo’s latest adventures and triumphs. Adopting Milo was the best decision we could have made."


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